Reports: Almost 50 Percent of Biden “Migrants” Unemployed, Crime Wave Deluges Texas County
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Migrant caravan in Mexico headed for the United States
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President Joe Biden’s plan to wreck the nation with a mass invasion of largely illiterate Third World illegal aliens who become Democrat-voting welfare recipients is working.

A new report from the Center For Immigration Studies showed that more than 50 percent of the “migrants” he imported from 2022 to date are unemployed.

Biden’s “migrant” invasion has lifted the foreign-born population to almost 16 percent of the total U.S. population, and even worse, it appears that figure will keep increasing.

Those facts would be bad enough by themselves. But the influx of non-working “migrants” has also meant something for the border town of Kinney, Texas: a massive increase in the number of criminal prosecutions.


CIS based its report on the federal government’s Current Population Survey, and concluded that “the increase [in foreign-born] in the last two years is unlike anything seen before and is statistically significant.”

Foreign-born, legal and illegal, are now 51.6 million, a 5.1 million increase since March 2022.

That’s 15.6 percent of the population. 

And Biden, CIS says, is responsible for this demographic disaster. He’s boosted the foreign-born population by 6.6 million in 39 months. 

“We have previously estimated that nearly 58 percent of the increase under President Biden is due to illegal immigration,” CIS reported:

If present trends continue, the foreign-born population will reach 62.5 million in 2030 and 82.2 million by 2040 — larger than the current combined populations of 30 states plus the District of Columbia.

And here’s more bad news for American taxpayers: Only 46 percent of the foreign-born who have landed since 2022 are working. That means 54 percent aren’t.

“As in any human population, many newly arrived immigrants are children, elderly, disabled, caregivers, or others with no ability to work or interest in doing so,” CIS concluded:

Only about 8 percent of the 2.5 million new arrivals who are not working say they are actively looking for work.

CIS said the number of foreign-born is much higher because the data undercounted them. 

Crime Wave in Kinney — and Elsewhere

No wonder the residents of Kinney County, Texas, are finding out just what Biden’s border treason means for them: an unprecedented crime wage.

“During a House Budget Committee hearing last week, Kinney County Attorney Brent Smith told lawmakers that in 2020, under former President Donald Trump, the county reported just 134 criminal charges for prosecution,” Breitbart reported:

After Biden “issued multiple executive orders, revoking numerous border security policies,” Smith said criminal charges for prosecution skyrocketed in 2021 to nearly 3,000, roughly 6,800 in 2022, and more than 5,800 in 2023.

This indicates that from 2020 to 2022, Kinney County saw criminal charges for prosecution increase by almost 5,000 percent, and from 2020 to 2023, increase by more than 4,200 percent.

“Kinney County normally operates within a $6 million-dollar annual budget,” Smith told lawmakers:

However, the open border policies enacted by the Biden administration has required the county to significantly expand the capacities of our local criminal justice system, costing Texas taxpayers an additional 10.5 million dollars.

And Biden’s “migrants” are literally killing county residents, Smith told the committee. Two died because emergency medical teams were mucking around with “the people [Democrats] care about most” — illegal aliens.

“On both occasions, all available paramedics were already deployed to human smuggling events miles away and were unable to respond to the county residents,” Smith told the committee. “This is a clear example of how open border policies have deadly consequences for Americans across this nation.”

Continued Breitbart:

Kinney County has a population of fewer than 3,200 residents. At the same time, the Del Rio Sector of the southern border, where Kinney County sits, has seen nearly 200,000 migrants cross in the region from October 2023 through March of this year.

Kinney County residents, of course, aren’t the only target for Biden’s “migrant” criminals. Spread out nationwide, they are raping, robbing, and murdering Americans everywhere.

A Home Depot in New York was forced to hire K-9 security because Biden “migrants” are accosting and threatening shoppers at stores.

Two “migrants” — a Brazilian released at the border and a Haitian flown into the country — are suspected in two separate rapes in Massachusetts. Both raped minor girls, police allege. So did a Honduran in Louisiana. That cultural enricher also stabbed a 62-year-old man.

But the worst case thus far is the murder of nursing student Laken Riley in Athens, Georgia. Suspect charged: Venezuelan “migrant” Jose Ibarra. Federal authorities gave him a work permit after he was arrested in New York for harming a child.

And not surprisingly, Biden released Ibarra and his two criminal brothers at the border. If it’s possible, one of them might be more dangerous than Jose. He is linked to the “migrant” gang that attacked two cops and launched a street-crime wave in New York City. 

And 12-year-old Travis Wolfe of St. Charles, Missouri, died at the hands of a drunk-driving Venezuelan “migrant,” police allege.

So determined is Biden to fill the country with dangerous criminals that last March, border authorities released a Somali terrorist at the border. ICE agents didn’t find and arrest him until January.

Immigration experts say the Biden “migrants” are likely in the country “indefinitely,” which as a practical matter means forever.

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