House Bill Would Cut EPA Budget by 39 Percent

On Friday, House Republicans approved a bill that would cut the Environmental Protection Agency’s budget by 39 percent.

According to The Hill, the funding bill, H.R. 4821, which passed by a 213-203 vote, would be the smallest budget the agency has had in three decades. Republican Reps. Brian Fitzpatrick (Pa.), Mike Lawler (N.Y.) and Marc Molinaro (N.Y.) voted against the bill.

As The Hill reported, “In addition to the top-line EPA cuts, the GOP bill would also rescind provisions from the climate, tax and health care bill that Democrats passed last year. It targets funding aimed at helping underserved communities combat climate change and pollution.”  

The EPA is an unconstitutional agency. There is no permission in the U.S. Constitution for its existence. If individual states want to take environment-oriented actions, that is within their purview.

The EPA should be completely defunded, not just partially. In addition to it being unconstitutional, it is a major avenue for the implementation of Agenda 2030 (formerly Agenda 21). The New American has reported on the harms of the EPA and Agenda 2030 at length:

Furthermore, the climate change alarmism that is assumed by the Biden regime and the EPA is hotly contested by thousands of qualified scientists.

The massive funding cut proposed by the GOP on Friday has no chance of becoming law in this year’s budget, but, as The Hill reported, it “marks a starting point in negotiations for Republicans as they look to negotiate with Democrats in the Senate on funding the government.”