The U.S. Department of Education does not serve any clear purpose. The Constitution leaves education to state governments as a residual power. In our history, that did not mean states had to provide education to children at taxpayer expense, although that was the rule throughout the states, at least to a certain age.

elderly sickThe right to kill yourself became the law of the land in Washington state in 2008. In year two since enactment of the Death With Dignity Act (DWDA), which allows adult residents of the state whom doctors have diagnosed with a terminal illness to take their own lives, a total of 87 people were prescribed “lethal doses” of medication by their physician (“death by doctor” once removed being the only legal method of suicide thus far) and a total a 72 actually died, either by the drugs or by some other means.

piToday, March 14, is celebrated by school kids around the world as Pi Day — the holiday in honor of the mathematical constant π, commonly written as Pi. March 14 was chosen as Pi Day as the numerical value of π begins with the numbers 3, 1, and 4, thus March 14.

The frightening story of the dying one-year-old Canadian child, Joseph Maraachli, better known as Baby Joseph, has captured the hearts of Americans as the baby’s family struggled to maintain authority over the child after a Canadian court ruled that doctors should remove the baby’s ventilator against his parents’ wishes.

The recent events in Wisconsin, in which unionized teachers behaved like third-world mobs, is a stark reminder of what a grave mistake it was to permit government employees to unionize. Since government employees have always had job security and benefits that many workers in the private sector couldn’t dream of getting, there was no need for them to unionize unless they wanted to use union power to intimidate legislators and extort more money from the taxpayers.