Of the variety of issues plaguing America's economy today, unfunded public pensions are perhaps one of the greatest. CNBC News reports that a study expected to be released today shows major American cities may be faced with a $574 billion funding gap as a resulted of unfunded public pensions.

A YouTube ad that has generated a lot of attention in the major news media accuses the U.S. Chamber of conspiring with GOP operatives Karl Rove, former political adviser to President George W. Bush, and former Republican National Chairman Ed Gillespie for the purpose of "Stealing Democracy."

While Fox News reports that the “GOP Sees Senate Chances Improve,” the New York Times writes that Democrats in allegedly “safe” House seats still stand on shaky ground, particularly in Ohio.

The word has been handed down, from MSNBC's Rachel Maddow all the way up to President Barack Obama, and the talking points have come out. Political speech that isn't reported to the federal government is a “threat to our democracy,” in the words of President Obama. The Democratic National Committee has released a television ad accusing the U.S. Chamber of Commerce of diverting foreign members' dues toward political ads in the United States.

At mid-term, politicians face a challenge regarding what voters really think about government. A new survey, "The Role of Government," indicates that their thoughts are somewhat contradictory. However, with one question — "How big and how invasive should government be?" — the Tea Party movement has seemingly touched some nerves in voters' thinking, if not their actions.