The Congressional Black Caucus lit into Senator Rand Paul Thursday after the Kentucky Republican and likely 2016 presidential contender announced he would vote against confirmation of Loretta Lynch for attorney general. 

Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas), a steadfast opponent of the Obama administration’s use of executive actions to grant amnesty to illegal aliens, is facing opposition from members of his own party in his attempt to delay a Senate vote to confirm Loretta Lynch — President Obama’s nominee for attorney general — until the White House reverses itself on the executive actions.


An estimated three to six million taxpayers will get a nasty surprise when they fill out their federal income returns this year and are subject to the ObamaCare tax penalty.

As part of his quest to bring Wisconsin’s government spending under control, Governor Scott Walker announced a 13-percent cut to the University of Wisconsin’s annual budget.

Senate Democrats Tuesday blocked a Republican bill that would fund the Department of Homeland Security while also repealing executive actions by President Obama.