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When Are We Going to Start Blaming the Socialists for America's Decline?

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According to the Obama administration and our country’s leading liberal media, the Tea Party is responsible for all of our present financial woes. But, as anyone with a brain knows, what has led us to this crisis-turned-catastrophe is not the Tea Party, which is of recent formation, but the endless spending by leftist politicians over the last 60 years who have borrowed big-time to finance all of this government socialism. And since almost all Americans, whether they like it or not, have been hitched to this money train, we’ve been inclined to let it all happen with blinders on assuming that our elected leaders knew what they were doing.

It is obvious that Republicans are as much to blame as Democrats. Nowhere, during this endless build up of debt, did a single Republican president say “enough is enough.” No Republican president was willing to see the train-wreck ahead and warn the American people that this unlimited spending had to stop. Reagan made a tepid attempt to abolish the Department of Education, but his fellow Republicans refused to even consider the idea. Education has become the holy of holies, and even today with the nation on the brink of insolvency, Obama wants to increase spending on “edgukashun.”

As for Bonesman George H. W. “Read my lips” Bush, he didn’t hesitate to raise taxes when his Harvard advisor Dick Darman told him he had to do so. It never occurred to this Republican president to cut spending or get rid of some useless bureaucracies or sell a couple of acres of federal land in the West. After all, the whole purpose of “compromise” with the liberals is to move America forward to the new Hegelian synthesis, ultimately leading us to the New World Order. Nor did his son, another Secret Society Bonesman, do anything to stop the profligate spending by Congress during his administration. Of course, we had to pay for two wars, but he too could have sold some federal land to make ends meet.

Meanwhile, the world is in shock over S & P’s downgrading of America’s credit worthiness. If Ireland collapses, nobody outside of Ireland feels a thing. But when the United States loses its AAA standing, the whole world responds. And what does our president do? He rails against corporate jets! If the U.S. government confiscated all of the wealth of all of the rich in this country, it would not make much of a dent in our trillions of dollars in debt since the government would immediately spend it all on more socialist programs.

The socialists are out to destroy our free-enterprise capitalist economic system, and they may very well succeed before we can throw them out of office.

Yes, we will recover, just as Germany and Japan recovered after the devastation of World War II. But there will be a lot of needless suffering along the way. And while we may get the socialists out of Congress and the White House, you can be sure that they will never give up their looney-tune 19th century Marxist economics.

But it’s time to let the American people understand the main cause of our financial debacle: socialist policies geared to changing America from a constitutional republic with limited powers to a socialist state with unlimited powers.

Why can’t Republican politicians shout loud and clear that “The Socialists are destroying America”? Let the socialists and their liberal allies try to deny the charge. Let the American people learn the truth about how our political system has been systematically undermined by the enemies of capitalism for a hundred years. Let the American people learn what the public schools won’t teach them: that there’s a big difference between socialism and capitalism. Socialism means poverty for everyone. Capitalism means the freedom to become rich and keep your wealth. A few good videos explaining all of this might educate enough Americans so that they will vote the right way in the next election.

You seldom hear the S word uttered in the ongoing political debates in the media. The result is that most Americans believe that what is going on in Washington is just a normal tug of war between Republicans and Democrats. Democrats are for Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security. Republicans want to shove grandma over a cliff. President Obama needs more money to set things right, and the Tea Party Republicans only gave him enough to avoid a default. They stubbornly refuse to give him all the money he wants. That is how the public is being fed the great debate between the two parties. It has nothing to do with ideologies. Republicans are mean and will defend the rich and their corporate jets to the death. Democrats are generous [with everybody else’s money] and care for “the people.”
Name calling replaces debate, because the socialists know they can’t logically defend their ideology. Yet the President can engage in classical socialist class warfare and nobody in the liberal media will discuss it. Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, and Glenn Beck will call socialists socialists. But you rarely hear the word mentioned on the Sunday panel shows.

Those Americans who now resent the rich and their corporate jets have no idea that they have swallowed the socialist doctrine of class warfare. They resent the rich because they have been told that the rich are rich because they stole the money from the poor. Which is why Obama wants to redistribute the wealth. It has to be “re”distributed because the rich stole it from the poor to begin with.

Of course, these poor ignorant fools can’t figure out that you can’t get rich by stealing from those who have no money. But don’t expect rational logic to be used in this charade of political “debate.” But the fact that our political debate can reach such an abysmally low state of nonsensical discussion indicates how dumbed-down the American people have become.

The so-called political debate in Washington has become the theatre of the absurd. Democrats call Tea Partiers terrorists. Obama calls on the rich to pay their “fair share” in taxes while ignoring the fact that according to the Tax Foundation the top 5 percent of income earners paid 59 percent of total federal income taxes in 2009. 51 percent of American householders paid no federal income tax at all.

Meanwhile, the Chinese communist government is getting impatient with the dysfunctional government in Washington. On August 8th, the Wall Street Journal quoted a scathing editorial in China’s state-run Xinhua news agency, which called the S & P downgrade “an overdue bill that America has to pay for its own debt addiction and the short-sighted political wrangling in Washington.” It also renewed Beijing’s call for a “new, stable, and secured global reserve currency.”

That’s how the world’s greatest capitalist nation is now seen by its principal lender. And it is the socialists in this country who have brought us down to our knees. No wonder Donald Trump is furious! For years, Americans never took socialism very seriously. We assumed that everyone with a brain knew that socialism didn’t work anywhere on the globe. It neither created wealth, prosperity, nor happiness wherever it was tried. In fact, the Chinese Communists found that out the hard way.

Yet, a dumbed-down America was led to believe that here in the U.S., socialism would work. Why? Because we were rich enough to make it work. But the truth is that it was all done on borrowed money. And now we know for sure that we are not rich enough to make it work. And yet, we are still saddled with Obamacare, sold to Congress under the misrepresentation that there is enough wealth in America to make it work. But now that we know that increasing the debt ceiling did not prevent an S & P downgrade, maybe it will dawn on enough members of Congress that we can no longer borrow our way into a super-duper socialist welfare state. Because when the money is gone, we are gone, along with our freedom.

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