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Computer Costs Going Down but Government Costs Keep Going Up — Why?

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It’s a question I’ve been asking many people. And they have no real answer. But the reason why the cost of computers keeps going down is because of the genius, ingenuity, and competence of the private sector. The new computers are not only cheaper but offer so many new features that we can barely keep up with these great innovations.

It used to be very expensive to make a transatlantic call. Now it costs only pennies. Again, the private sector is reality oriented. Private business knows that the lower the cost of a product, the more customers you get.

But government officials and the politicians who run Washington are not only incompetent, they are not worth the trillions of dollars needed to keep them in their cushy jobs. Because they believe in a ridiculous doctrine known as political correctness, they’ve created a fantasy world that the public is too mystified and cowed to complain about. And the politicians have been able to buy a compliant electorate by sending them their Social Security checks and making Medicare payments. And that is why so many Americans tolerate wholesale government incompetence and corruption.

Take for example our very expensive Airport Security System that every traveler at an airport must contend with, supposedly to protect us from terrorists. They are now engaged in patting down or taking full-body x-ray scans of everyone who wants to get on a plane. Everyone, including grandmothers in all sorts of physical conditions, shy little girls whose private parts are now open to inspection by a security examiner, ambitious business executives looking forward to a bright financial future, honeymooners whose private parts are no longer private, celebrities who couldn’t care less, and even Congressmen and women who approve of this kind of government intrusion.

Now who are the individuals who are most likely to want to blow up a plane? They are young radical Islamists who are willing to die for Allah. In other words, they are suicidal. But our lunatic government assumes that every grandmother, business executive, honeymooner, and child is a potential suicide who has spent hours finding a suitable body crevice or piece of underwear in which to hide his or her bomb for a murderous suicidal mission.

How much does it cost the taxpayer to examine every grandmother’s Depends? How much does it cost the taxpayer to examine a businessman’s briefcase, or poke around a child’s private parts, or ogle a celebrity’s body scan? By the way, a brain scan at a hospital can cost as much as $8,000. And that’s why the cost of government keeps going up, to support the pretension that the government is actually protecting us from terrorists by feeling a child’s private parts.

It was our very expensive FBI and CIA who were unable to protect us from the Islamic hijackers who killed almost 3,000 people on 9/11. The hijackers had spent months planning their suicidal assault on America, leaving all sorts of clues all over the lot. But not a single member of our massive local or federal security apparatus was able to protect us. Their stupidity and incompetence cost the American people dearly.

Take, for example, the State Troopers at Boston’s Logan Airport where eight hijackers were able to board the two planes that crashed into the Trade Center towers in Manhattan. One of the passengers on American Airlines flight 11 that slammed into one of the towers with Mohammed Atta in the pilot’s seat was 31-year-old Mark Bavis, a former Boston University hockey player who was working as a National Hockey League scout at the time of his death. His mother, Mary Bavis, is suing Massport, the airline, and a security company for not thwarting the 9/11 hijackers at Logan Airport.

According to the Boston Herald of July 2, 2011:

Months before the horrific 9/11 attacks, lackadaisical state troopers specially assigned to protect Logan International Airport failed to act on tips that Middle Eastern men were casing the security checkpoints armed with cameras, explosive new court documents allege.

One of the suspected terrorists was later identified as al-Qaeda 9/11 leader Mohammad Atta, according to lawyers for a Boston woman who is suing over the loss of her son. The lawyers took depositions from an airline employee and other witnesses.

Troopers were told the Middle Eastern men were “acting suspiciously” and videotaping airport security in May 2001, according to the filing in a New York court.

“When Mohammad Atta went through the security checkpoint after being reported to F Troop that he was photographing, videotaping and surveilling the checkpoints, Massport F Troop did nothing,” the documents state.

As Brian Sullivan, a retired Federal Aviation Administration special agent commented: “What a zoo. It’s incredible. Rampant cronyism, just doesn’t do the job. We had a chance to intercept Atta if F Troop had responded to reports. Their failure to react to information borders on criminal negligence.”

That’s why the cost of government keeps going up while their competence keeps going down. Government employees are much more concerned with their paychecks, pensions and working hours than actually doing what they were hired to do. Apparently, intelligence plays no part in their job qualification. And now we find that the TSA workers want to be unionized, and if that takes place, security at the airport will become another financial albatross around the neck of the American taxpayer. We will be paying through the nose for examining grandma’s underwear and little Suzy’s private parts.

What does it really take to get Americans to realize that they are being taken for suckers. We have a president whose aim it is to spend as much money as he can in order to bankrupt the country. We shall see in November 2012 if the American people have a true sense of what we face.

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